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At Homeland Inspection Services Inc., we specialize in helping people reduce the financial and safety risks associated with buying a pre-owned or new home. We understand that buying (or selling) a home is an important commitment. On our site, you will find information on the major aspects of a home inspection and why it is important to choose the right inspector for your financial investment.

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Stucco & Moisture Specialists

E.D.I. Certified Stucco and EIFS Third Party Moisture Analyst. Certification # CO-39. Due to increased demand from buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, lenders, insurers and relocation companies, we now offer this specialized service. We have specific training in both new construction and existing EIFS homes and follow the Exterior Design Institute Protocol.

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Stucco Inspection - moisture intrusion due to improper kickout flashing
Chris Elliot, owner Homeland Inspection Services

Chris Elliott is not only the President of Homeland Inspection Services, but is also an industry veteran with 32 years in residential and commercial inspection and construction experience. Chris provides a solid combination of expertise and hands-on experience.

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